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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Official Spam of the Austin Outpost of the Guerrilla Queer Bar

Inside this edition of the Smoking Banana (April 2003)

--->Troop Alert: Donn's Depot, 1600 West 5th St, 78703, 478-0336.
--->Next Stop: Bar, Bath, and Beyond
--->Getting Lucky with the Irish at Mother Egan's
--->Show us your good side
--->Peter Dean's Church brings tea dance to Austin scene
--->Upcoming Invasions of the 21st Century

Troop Alert

Attack Details

What: Homo Happy Hour
When: Friday, April 11, 6-9 pm
Where: Donn's Depot, 1600 West 5th St, 78703, 478-0336.

Next Stop: Bar, Bath, and Beyond

According to bargirl, a Statesman staff reporter, Donn's depot actually used to be a train station. About 30 years ago, it was transported by rail from McNeil, Texas to its current location. Aside from the choo-choo decor, it reputedly has a "one of a kind red shag and striped ladies room in a caboose." The men's room is not as choo-choo galore, but it does sport carpeting, which we believe is an odd choice for a men's room floor. Our intel may be dated, so don't get your pisser in a knot. This bathroom report is provided only as a courtesy, as we know how many of you choose among your entertainment options by considering your commode quotient. Did you know that a commode was a fashionable headdress worn by women in the 1700's? Anyway, this month we invade Donn's Depot thanks to the repeated suggestions from the troops. We don't know if it was the head, the carpeting, the train drag, the ladies room, or the drinks that put it over the top, but clearly this place has MANY things to recommend itself. Enjoy yourself, and try not to leave your mark on the men's room floor.

Getting Lucky with the Irish at Mother Egan's

Okay, so one homo heard another say something like, "Gee, like who doesn't come to these things?" He's right. There were so many green-shirted guerrillas at Mother Egan's that the fire marshall had to scoot a bunch of 'em out into the back yard. Lucky them. Firemen are hot. As usual, we helped set a business record for the joint despite the anticipated boost they were expecting from SXSW later that night. Job well done. With nearly 700 of us on the list, we aren't surprised. Thanks for coming and carry on.

Show us your good side

Thanks to our shutterbugs Bruce and Clayton many of us have been digitized, airbrushed, elongated, and cropped. The rest of us have simply been ignored or deleted. Check out the mugs at Clayton's site seems to be down right now. We'll let you know if he puts it back up. We also keep a few snaps in the GQB Austin archives.

Peter Dean's Church brings tea dance to Austin scene

Our good buddy and recent screensaver and laserprinter pinup Peter Dean brings his many talents in the social arts to bear (bare?) with Austin's newest addition to the scene. Codenamed, Church, Peter endeavors to bring big city sounds to Trash Canned ears. The jury is not yet out as he fine tunes his formula. Indeed, introducing homos to something new is a delicate balance between education and alienation. As much as gay culture reeks of manufacture, our "colonize, don't clone!" creed at GQB makes us sympathetic to Peter's effort. If you find that you've been listening to too much McMo, why don't you come down to Church and support him as he cosmopolitanizes our fair town. Here's the blurt:

Beginning this month, CHURCH @Texture will be from 7 - midnight.
Cover all night will be $5. With drink specials all night.
Be sure and pass the word along, that its 18 and over.

Sunday April 20: DJ Brad Boney takes over the club. This is a
special night, as the prceeds from the door will be donated to the
Hill Country Ride for AIDS (HCRA), so come on out and support the
riders and the volunteers that make this annual fundraiser a fun and
rewarding experience. For those wanting a peek at the newest
swimwear for the season - Outlines @ TapeLenders is showcasing the
latest styles during a Fashion Show at 7:30.

More exciting CHURCH events are to announced soon. One hint - the
hottest DJ in Denver will be back at CHURCH in time to splash into

Please pass this email along. And let others know about this e-
list. Its not for spamming its for informing!

See you at CHURCH!


Upcoming Invasions of the 21st Century

April 11, May 9, June 13
(The Secret Date Picking Algorithm: The SECOND Friday of every month)

Mottos, Creeds, and Oaths
"Colonize, don't clone!"

Rule #1. Don't talk about the Fist Club.
Rule #2. Don't talk about the Fist Club.

Can't spell "guerrilla"?? Try

For more information on this and other invasions by the Austin Outpost of the Guerrilla Queer Bar see

Thank you for your support of The Smoking Banana.